In the beginning of 2011 an experiment in Gothenburg was started by the municipal social service that drew its inspiration from the Housing First philosophy. It was called “Housing as a Basis” and was foreseen as a complement to our other forms of housing.

There are now more than 30 apartments divided between specialised (congregated) accommodation, where 18 people live, and the rest scattered around Gothenburg. There are eight healthcare assistants working in the unit.  Most of them have higher education and all have passed a basic course in MI (Motivational Interviewing). All staff are provided with supervision. Healthcare assistants are available to the residents between 8:00 – 21:30 on weekdays and between 8:00 – 19:15 at weekends. They make home visits once a week and offer individual support with the aim of making housing work in practical terms so that clients are able to live in their apartments. The target group of the project consists of people who have been homeless for a long period in the past, or those who have lived in emergency accommodation in the past few years.

When the experiment was started an advisory board was established. At this board there are representatives from different city district administration units in Gothenburg: one from the urban management office, one from the property office, one from the public-sector property owners (AB Framtiden, including one from the disruption unit on-call), one representative from the healthcare substance abuse unit, three representatives from the social resource administration’s housing operations, and one researcher from Gothenburg University. One objective for the advosry board’s work is to gain access to 10 new apartments for the target group through property owners and, in particular, to link these to research. Another aim is to look into the possibility of creating an ACT team (Assertive Community Treatment) to broaden the skills in the teams working with clients, as well as to give 24/7 support to clients.